2021: Read the Bible With Us!

This year, we will be reading through the Bible in a year! We'll be following the Bible Project's "TaNak" plan as a church. Click the RED button below to access this specific plan and join our reading community, click the purple button below to watch a video and read a blog explaining the unique benefits of the TaNak plan, click the blue button below to download a PDF version of the reading plan if you would like a non-electronic version to follow. Finally, watch the video below to hear Pastor Chris explain the different ways you can access the plan and watch him show you how to navigate the website!

How to access the plan on your mobile device:
  1. Download the "YouVersion" app from your phone's app store.
  2. Create a profile so that you can access content.
  3. Use the magnifying glass icon at the bottom or top of your screen to search for our plan by typing in "TaNaK Version."
  4. Tap on the TaNak Version, it should be a BibleProject plan.
  5. Tap on the black "Start Plan" button to begin!