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This Week's Big Ideas: 
Lost in God's Glory: Revelation 4-5

Here are a few ideas for your family to take the weekend's Park Hills Church streaming worship service to your kiddo's level. Feel free to try just one or two, or all of them!
  • God is mighty and perfect! We are drawn into praising Him, because of His glory!
  • One day everyone and everything will worship Jesus! He is the only one we should worship!
  • Jesus is worthy of our worship!



NOTHING ESCAPES the Lion of Judah! He is aware of everything!

“Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not cry! The Lion of the tribe of Judah has won the battle. He is the Root of David. He is able to break the seven seals and open the scroll.”
Revelation 5:5

Players (at least four, so grab some friends or neighbors) line up standing 6 feet away from each other. Players are the hunters, and the leader is the lion. 
When the lion is in its den, it goes to sleep. Hunters must silently tip-toe to try and make it past the den. 
If the lion hears any noise, it will wake up and roar! The hunters must freeze. If a hunter is caught moving by the lion, he or she must return to the starting line. 
The hunter that makes it past the den first becomes the new lion.

Instead of going back to the starting line, have the hunter do an exercise and rejoin the game. 
Easy: Walk or side shuffle. 
Medium: Freeze for 10 seconds. 
Hard: Freeze on one foot.  



Revelation 4:8b
“Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!”
This game will work best if you are outside!
Take a ball and throw it/bounce it/roll it, to each other!
As you bounce it, say a part of the verse each time! You can go farther and farther apart as you continue to repeat the verse.
You can add more balls and try saying the verse faster or slower as you play!


Give a piece of paper to each child. Invite the children to decorate their paper with drawings and stickers. Write everyone and everything will worship Jesus on each child’s paper, and then guide him to roll up his paper like a scroll. Give him a large sticker to seal his scroll. SAY John cried when he saw that no one was good enough to open the scroll. Then he saw Jesus! Jesus is good enough to open the scroll. Jesus is worthy of our worship. One day, everyone and everything will worship  Jesus!

For Toddlers

Set up a circle of chairs facing outward, one for each child. 
Play music and invite toddlers to walk around the chairs. When the music stops, toddlers must sit in the chair.
SAY: John saw God’s throne in heaven. There were 24 elders in thrones who were praising Jesus!   People from every nation will worship Jesus forever!
Parents you or older siblings can play too!

For Babies

Listen to the worship songs that we have provided with your baby!
Sing the songs with them, and dance with them!
Doing this with them, helps show that Jesus is worthy of our worship! We should sing and praise Him all the time!

Dig Deeper

Invite children to stand in the middle of the room. Inform the children that you will give them two choices. Point to one side of the room for each choice. Children will choose which they like better and run to that side of the room. Consider using the following choices:
  • Vanilla or chocolate
  • Chewy fruit-flavored snacks or fish-shaped crackers
  • Rainy days or sunny days
  • Coloring or play dough
  • Playing outside or playing inside
  • Worshiping Jesus  (point to only one side of the room)
SAY: Some of us like chocolate more than vanilla, and some of us like to color more than playing with play dough! But one day, everyone and everything will worship Jesus. There will be no deciding between two things—only Jesus is worthy of our worship!