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This Week's Big Ideas: 
Angels and Bowls: Revelation 15-16

Here are a few ideas for your family to take the weekend's Park Hills Church streaming worship service to your kiddo's level. Feel free to try just one or two, or all of them!
  • God knows what He’s doing!
  • He is Enough!!
  • God’s desire to draw humans back to Him has been evident all along, in His protection and even in His discipline.
  • He has a timetable to restore creation/harmony.
  • His judgement/wrath is against evil.
  • Despite all this, humans still rebel, reject Him, and refuse to worship Him.


God’s anger at sin is so great, because it destroyed His perfect creation!! What Jesus did for us, by coming down to Earth and saving us from our sin becomes more meaningful when we see God’s anger at human disobedience! 
As you watch this video, explain to your kiddos, how God’s anger and judgement is against evil! Against sin. Jesus’ sacrifice gives us the chance to repent, to ask for forgiveness for the sins we do!


No One Can Hide from God: Hide and Seek!
You and your kiddos can play hide and seek together!

By playing this game, it reinforces how nothing and no one can hide from God! We want to be open before God, where we aren’t trying (and failing) to hide anything from Him! He loves us so much, and by being open with Him, we can receive the grace that he gives CONSTANTLY! He wants us to tell Him everything, and because of His grace we never have to hide anything from Him!



Revelation 15:4 (NIRV)
“Lord, who will not have respect for you? Who will not bring glory to your name? You alone are holy. All nations will come and worship you. They see that the things you do are right.”

Sea of Glass
This game is based off of THE FLOOR IS LAVA! This means they cannot touch the floor.  Write a few words of the verse on different sheets of paper. Spread the paper all over the room, but in order. To make this more difficult, move the sheets of paper to different pieces of furniture too. As the kids jump on the paper (avoiding the floor) they have to say the verse in a loud booming voice!  When you feel like the game is coming to an end, explain to them, that God is enough! He is Holy, and we should worship Him! He is ALL we need! 


God's judgment of human rebellion is spelled out in this week's chapters.  And we have to remember that sin has consequences, which He warned us against from the start. 
Sin is more than a means we have missed the mark of living God’s way.

This week…make your own bow and arrow from household objects.. check out these instructions from Creative Jewish Mom!

As you attempt to hit a target or specific spot with your arrow, talk with your kids about how sin means we've missed the mark. It means punishment and God's judgment. That's because sin hurts our relationship with God, hurts us and it hurts others. This should make us all the more thankful for Jesus who saves those who believe from God's punishment. Jesus offers us a new life with Him, and that means being forever safe and secure WITH HIM!

For Toddlers

(Adapted from

Two pieces of bread
Green food coloring

Place several drops of green food coloring on one piece of bread. You want to create the appearance that mold is growing on the surface of the bread.   

You will pretend to make a sandwich using a piece of bread that is moldy, to demonstrate how even a little bit of mold can ruin a good sandwich. Compare this to how even a little bit of sin, without Jesus, will keep us from being with God.

I am starving! I think I will make a nice tasty sandwich. (Take the good piece of bread and set it out.) Okay here is the first piece of bread. It is a great start to a tasty sandwich! (Take out the moldy piece of bread and make a yucky face.) Oh, gross! This piece of bread has mold growing all over it! (Show the moldy bread to your kiddos.) I'm not going to eat that! How many of you would eat a sandwich made using moldy bread? Even a little bit of mold would ruin a great sandwich.

Sin has the same effect on us; God will not allow anyone with even a little bit of sin into Heaven. The bad news is the Bible says that all of us have sinned. Romans 3:10 says, "There is no one righteous, not even one." The good news is that God loves us so much that He sent Jesus into the world to forgive our sins. If we believe that Jesus can forgive us for the sins we have committed, we can ask Him and and He will make us clean again. Then, we can be saved and WITH HIM forever, because Jesus has paid the price for our sins.

For Babies

After you’ve watched/listened to the sermon, collect some of the objects that were used while the angels were serving God’s wrath to the world. Things like the bowls, or the golden sash (a scarf too!), a sun, frogs, etc… By collecting these objects you can now have visuals to help teach this passage to your little one!

Dig Deeper

If you want to continue learning more with your child, you can check out our Backyard VBS digital content-FREE and available for you anytime! These videos will be going up on YouTube CHURCH WIDE August 10th-14th, Monday - Friday! If you can’t watch them on the week of August 10th-14th, don’t worry! They will be staying on the Park Hills YouTube, so you can watch them anytime!
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