Have you ever gotten to the end of your day and realized that you didn't spend any time with the Lord, just enjoying his presence? Unfortunately, this happens way too frequently. Our God has invited us to know him in everything that we do, both big and small! We want to help you make a habit of doing this in 2020. 

In order to help you focus on the Lord and delight in Him more, we have created an exciting new resource for you: The Pray Meditate Praise calendar!

The Pray Meditate Praise calendar seeks to help you focus your thoughts on "things above" (Colossians 3:2). For each day of the month, we have chosen one attribute of God, or a portion of our DDP (Description of a Discipled Person) for you to focus on, and each day has three components: prayer, meditation, and praise! Does the title make sense now?

Each day, we encourage you to think about that day's unique attribute and simply talk to God about it. It is so amazing that we get to talk to God about who He is! For example: "God you created all things, I love that you are the Creator. You have created the world in so much beauty.” Then, look up the highlighted section of Scripture that accompanies each attribute and study it a bit! Think about it for a while, look up some commentaries, dig into the original language, or even try to memorize it! Do whatever the Spirit leads you to do, just focus on spending some time with the Word. Lastly, to provide another way in which to enjoy the Lord, reflect on His attributes and praise Him, we have provided a song for you to listen to!

With all three aspects of this calendar, we pray that you grow in your relationship with the Lord. We want this to be a resource that you use again every month, so once January ends, simply begin with the first attribute again in February!