In our student ministries, we prioritize knowing, loving and following Jesus together. To do this, each student belongs and is welcomed into a small group. These small groups dig deeper into the word together  while building connections with each other in designated small group times every Tuesday or Wednesday night.
Middle School students are separated in small groups by gender and grade, while High School students can choose their small group based on gender and/or their personal interests and gifts.
This year, every small group is planning their own retreat! Every retreat will be different, allowing all of the small groups to spend time together in ways that reflect their individual interests.
All middle school boys (6th-8th grade) will be attending the same retreat. On Saturday, March 20th, they will be having a dedicated lesson and small group time in the morning, and then will head off to Volcano Falls in Rockford. They'll spend the afternoon in the arcade, playing putt-putt, and enjoying the other activities available. The registration price includes lunch and Volcano Falls activities.

6th grade girls: On Monday, March 22 (11am-9pm), the 6th grade girls will be heading off to Dubuque, IA for the Vertical Jump Park! There, they will have a blast jumping in the jump park, playing in the arcade, and then heading back to Katrina's home for dinner!

7th grade girls: On Saturday, March 13 from 10am-4pm, the 7th grade girls will be painting, praying and playing! At Kelly's house, they will spend time in worship, paint together, and *weather permitting* bringing their snow gear to spend some time playing outside!

8th grade girls: From April 23-25,  all 8th grade girls will be going to the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. This weekend will be full of worship, relationship building, and of course lots of time spent in the waterpark!


Girls Study: From March 5th-7th, the Girls Study group will be staying in a cottage in Cedarville, IL. Here, JoAnn will teach new recipes for easy cooking, and Laiken will be providing self-care fun such as facials and manicures! On March 6th, they will spend the day in Galena, IL shopping and dining together.

Mission Group: From March 5-7, the Mission Group will be serving our Freeport community together. Staying at Alex and Nerissa's home, they will be staying local to serve our community together, putting into practice all that they have been learning about missions!

*The Connection group and Boys Study group will be hosting their retreats in the spring! More details to come soon.