Sunday Poem

Who is destined for salvation?
How much does it cost?
Is it expensive treasure?
Once acquired, can it be lost?
Salvation is no commodity
To be bartered, bought or sold
It’s not like gold or silver
Not something one can hold.
Salvation is available,
Free for anyone to know.
It was already bought by Jesus
On the cross so long ago.
Then why don’t people claim it,
So freely theirs to take?
Can’t they see that their rejection
Will cause God’s heart to break?
Not everyone denies Him though.
Sometimes they’ve never heard
The message of salvation,
God’s healing, saving Word.
Who can bring this healing Word?
Whose responsibility?
Who will tell the searching souls?
Who will the sharers be?
Not the pastors, nor the teachers,
But the Christians, me and you.
We, each one, have power
From the Holy Spirit true.
Let the Holy Spirit change you
As He did when Jesus died.
The disciples caught His fire,
Authority they defied.
We have access to that fire.
The Holy Spirit waits.
Satan loves our hesitation.
It’s our sharing God he hates.
So live and love like Jesus.
Overcome the daily fear.
Share with new abandon
The faith you hold so dear.
Some people may disdain you.
Some may even talk you down.
But the ones who hear your message
Will one day wear a crown.